is it right for the marriage's atreatment

@bingchen (1126)
July 8, 2009 3:04am CST
i received a phone from my boyfriend yestoday,he worked at other place.we only knowed for several day and go to other city to of my friends introduce him to me,although he is goodness,hardworking,treat me evry well,and he love me at first,but i could not love him.i select him as other partner of my life because his good chacrater and hardworking,sometimes i find i could not say anything with him.if i marry to him and live for the rest of my life,how would i face him?as common woman i select common boyfriend as my future husband,but i have any feeling to friend said,he did well for me and love me,so i should select this man.i should select the man i loved and thought that there is not happyness.if itis me,whether you select the man he love you or you loved to marry?
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