Eight Glasses Of Water A Day

July 8, 2009 5:48am CST
It is advisable to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to help stay healthy. My question is what is the standard size or volume of the glass of the water? Or what is the equivalent number in liters do we need a day?
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@chinup27 (21)
• New Zealand
8 Jul 09
I'm one of the swear by 8 glasses a day folks myself. I noticed many trends in others with poor eyesight, frequent headaches, general fatigue and nausia etc. I suffer none and attribute it to my water intake. Almost none of them drink much if any water. I think drinking 8 glasses every day for your whole life (within reason) has many many health benefits. Not least increased life expectancy. But to each their own. I'd say 3 litres myself.
• Philippines
8 Jul 09
Is it a plain water or does it also include juice, coffee or other forms of liquid that we drink?
@a_manick (880)
• India
9 Jul 09
The standard size of a glass should be 200 ml.A healthy adult should drink atleast 2-2.5 l of water daily.