Article Writing and Article Spinning

July 8, 2009 6:00am CST
Recently I have been doing a lot of research into article writing as it does look like a good way of make extra money. But one of the things you have to learn is that to really make the most of article writing you need to submit different versions of your articles to various sites. Now writing variants on the same article is not the most interesting thing to do and I was told about article spinning. This is the process of running your article through a piece of software to get multiple versions of the same article. I’ve had a look around and a lot of people mention JetSpinner as one of the best pieces of software to use, but it looks a little complex. Has anyone got any other recommendations for free article spinning software or should I just get to grips with JetSpinner?
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@sergeantrom (5712)
• United States
7 Nov 10
I am seriously thinking about getting into article writing. Can you keep us posted as to what you find out about this spinning? Knowing me, I would do it the long way and rewrite my articles. I saw on your profile wikinut. How do you like them? Their site seems interesting since they have many methods of earning.
7 Nov 10
Well I tried a couple of applications for spinning articles but I didn't like the results as they just didn't read properly. So I have chosen to basically spin by hand, doing rewrites. I must admit it was a pain in the butt to start with but the more you do it and the larger your vocabulary gets the easier and quicker it becomes. What I would say about wikinut is that you can earn money through it but you have to work at it. You have to build up a good library of articles, constantly adding to them, interlinking them and doing the work to promote those articles on twitter and through book marking. But it has to be said that wikinut is still a relatively new site compared to the likes of squidoo and hubpages but I have seen it grow since I have been on there and heading in the right direction.
• United States
7 Nov 10
Thanks for the update! I like the ease of squidoo but once you write the article theres not much to do except get more traffic. I also got that same feeling about wikinut, heading in the right direction. They seem to be more involved with the members if I am not wrong. I like the feel of it. Squidoo is for the masses and just getting bigger by the minute. No matter which site, it involves a ton of work! Boy I sound like Im talking myself out of it dont I? I love writing though so its enjoyable and thats what matters most.
• France
11 Nov 10
yet to find an article spinning software that actually gives properly written articles, usually it just messes up the English and grammar so the article no longer reads properly. For making money from articles I would suggest Triond. I tried loads and this is the only one I stuck with.