If you reincarnate what would you be?

July 8, 2009 11:38am CST
Would you like to be a bird and fly through the sky? Or would you like to be a person with a big talent to soccer? Or would you like to be a god or something like that? Please tell me your opinion and happy mylotting
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@KamiHo (80)
• Portugal
8 Jul 09
If I could reincarnate I would like to be a fox because tehir gourdejous and very smart. Or else a human again ( i like to be able to do my own choises based on reasoning!
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@KarlMor (19)
• Portugal
9 Jul 09
I don't want to be an animal, I love being a human! Although I'd like to fly like a bird in the blue sky, I'd rather choose what I want to do with my life rationally. And humans have almost everything in the world in their favor, they're the most influent species on Earth (although some of its influence is bad, cause the planet is sufferring from it). I like to be who I am, and I can always change the way I are or look. I love making my own decisions thinking, so I wouldn't want to be an animal.