what really determine the quality of your posting in mylot?

United States
July 8, 2009 8:39pm CST
I had posted many discussions about how slow my earnings on mylot, and people always advised me to post quality posting here, otherwise, mylot just won't increase my earnings. When people saying "quality", I really had a vague idea of what is the real quality in mylot posting here? I tried to post abstract discussion; general discussions; and most common, controversial discussions. But what really quality means here, in the social network forum? Quality means triger people on thinking on certain topic? or make people laugh with an interesting and funny discussions; or something most people want to talk about? The point here is to bring as many people to view your discussions as many as possible, isn't it?
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@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
13 Jul 09
Clorissa, I've explained to you several times that a quality discussion is in two parts: the quality of the topic, and the quality of the comments you make to those who respond to your topics. I've responded to several of your discussions, and you have never commented on any of my responses OR ANYONE ELSE'S. Commenting on responses extends the discussion and encourages members to respond to you. You don't need to comment on every response, but you do need to check your responses, not just post the discussion and then forget about it. You don't begin to earn from a discussion you post until you start to comment on it. Until you grasp that point, your earnings will never increase much. I've made this point several times, but you just don't seem to take notice.
@rosekiss (30273)
• Eugene, Oregon
9 Jul 09
I agree with Mike that you have a good quality discussion, and that will hlep your earnings. You just need to keep it up and you will see your earnings rise. As long as you stick to the discussion at hand, that will also help in your earnings. I try to post as long of responses as I can, and for me, that isn't to hard at times, as I can go on and on, and not stop. It has paid off though, as I have seen my earnings go up much more than I would have ever thought, and I am so happy abou that too. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.