19 yr old sister 32 yr old boyfriend baby on way!!!!

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July 8, 2009 9:34pm CST
my 19 yr old sister is 18wks pregnant. her boyfriend and father of her child is 32 yrs old not yet divorced with 2 kids that he doesn't take care of now. they are ages 5 and 1. my sister and the boyfriend live with his parents in a 3 bedroom house. now here's where it gets better, there are almost 10 to 11 other people currently living in this house already. the mother, the father, 1 son (who has a 1yr old plus the baby's mom living their) another son (who has an 8 month old baby)one son (who is my sisters boyfriend and their baby on the way.) there are people sleeping every where in this tiny house and never any quiet personal time or space. how can i tell my sister this is not acceptable and that her 32 yr old boyfriend should man up and take care of his 2 kids plus the one on the way without trying to sound like im running her life??????
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16 Jul 09
Hi Ajmcken3556, the honest truth to your question is; you cannot tell her anything. :-) I know this may not be the response you are searching for, but it is the truth. :-) Reason being, we were all brought into this world alone and that is the way we will die, alone. :-) Your sister deserves the right to make decisions based on her own judgment, not yours. :-) Yes, I know you fear that she is making a huge mistake and that she may not know what she is doing, but the only way for her to learn is by trial and error. :-) As I always say, 'Self knowledge is always 1,000 times better than the knowledge of others.' So, in short, allow her to live and life, but always remember to catch her, if and when she falls. :-)
@maximax8 (28256)
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11 Jul 09
Your sister is young and she needs your gentle guidance to make sensible choices in pregnancy like healthy eating. She is 18 weeks pregnant so she might have an ultrasound scan at 20 weeks. Your sister needs a calm time and no stress. It is shame for her boyfriend is irresponsible. Where your sister and her boyfriend live sounds really overcrowded with people. I hope that your sister will become an excellent mother and her boyfriend should become a better father.