russia or america?

@peercc (332)
July 8, 2009 11:13pm CST
russia have more nuclear than america. can u tell who will be the more power in this world.
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• India
9 Jul 09
Hi, friend. USA has much more destructive weapons than Russia. So, Russia does not stand against USA in its weapon power. But, the large area of Russia makes it difficult for anybody to conquer Russia. So, Russia cann`t win if it attacks USA because of USA`s wealth of weapons. USA cann`t win on Russia due Russia`s large area. So, it will be better for both to make a compromise that they seem to be heading towards right now. I terms of power, USA seems to be a bit more weighted due to its large wealth of long range weaponary. But, one more country is there, India has made the fastest missile that is uninterceptable.......... Happy Mylotting.