How do you write lyrics when writing a song?

@applepod (224)
July 9, 2009 7:27am CST
I want to write a song but I don't know where to begin. Everytime I do, the lyrics sound ridiculous or either don't make sense. People tell me that when writing lyrics, it has to be about how you feel. Help! Any tips would do!
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• United States
14 Jul 09
What are lyrics if not a poem? Start there. Write a poem then pick some prominent lines and repeat them for a chorus. If you can write poetry, you can write lyrics. If you are stronger at free verse like I am, some kind of structured rhythm pattern in your poem/lyrics is going to be where you will struggle but it's really not as necessary (or difficult) as you might think.
• South Africa
13 Jul 09
Read books about songwriting. Songwriting is an art itself. You need to know how to structure your song. I find that the most import thing in writing songs is to use poetice compoments such as metaphors, similes, e.t.c. E.g My lady's love is shaped like the ocean.
@rajeshfgh (1627)
• India
9 Jul 09
I am not a pro but as far as I know, song writing is all about focusing on a subject (it can be yourself too) and writing thing to describe about it. It need not be rhyming but if you try and make a rhyme scheme it will be easy to put it into a tune and make a great song out of it. It is basically poetry writing, but in great depth.