I am going to watch TRANSFORMER later!

July 9, 2009 7:53am CST
Woo` This is so good. Finally I can watch. I know, I know.. the movie has released for quite some time now. What to do, I am not the person who likes to be in the crowd. Ya know, once it has released, the cinemas were like so super crowded. At least it is better for now. Tonight is the night. Transformer here I come!
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@Iriene88 (5352)
• Malaysia
10 Jul 09
Transformers sure did enjoy Fame that no one can deny! I had to queque for about 40 minutes on Friday (first week of the show release) just to buy Transformers 2 tickets for Sunday. It was like more than 100 people quequeing in front of me! Some fans even wore Transformers t-shirt at the cinema to show their support for Transformers. I prefer the 1st Transformer compared to this one. It has its pro & cons... more actions, more Megan Fox, more hilarious, more robots but a bit draggy...it a mix of responses. I would say it is still a good movie to watch but A MUST WATCH for Transformers fans. Some blogger even watched many times and they still enjoyed it :D Enjoy your Movie and have Fun with your friends too!
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
9 Jul 09
cool hope you enjoy the movie ive heard mixed reviews about it. A lot of people either seemed to love this movie or hated it but thats critics for you they never seem to like these types of movies for some reason guess they think there to dumb to like but thats why I dont listen to critcs since most movies they hate I seem to love.
@submerryn (1304)
• Malaysia
9 Jul 09
Great. Make sure you wear goggles instead of glasses as your eyes might pop-out! And when you see the excessive cleavage, make sure you dont drool or else your gf might just walk out of the cinema leaving you looking all stupid there alone! enjoy your show. :)