can you plant a tree?

July 9, 2009 8:30am CST
We all noticed and experienced the changes in our world today... global warming hit each and everyone of us. a lot of untoward effects are caused and people die because of it...plants wither and animals die.. our ecosystem is unbalanced the end result would be really devastating...we can help through our little ways just by simply planting a tree and see for yourself how a small simple thing blooms into something that is huge and of great help not only for you but as well as our mother earth... can you do this simple request?
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• Philippines
9 Jul 09
I love planting most especially fruit-bearing trees and plants. Right now, I am aiming to have my own farm where I can relax and enjoy and escape from the stress I am getting from my work. I am really somewhat jealous whenever I hear people talking about their farms. I really want to be close to nature and I am more than willing to be a full-time farm owner and part-time farmer once I have the money.
10 Jul 09
well that is so good to hear from you...i hope that you will have that dream of yours and if you will it, there is always a that case its more than enough because you are not only earning but erning as well. i hope that you will be using organic fertilizers and not commercial father and i are promoting organic ways in making our plants healthy together with the support of our local government...