Do u believe all that is written in the Bible is the true word of GOD ?

United States
July 9, 2009 9:58am CST
I believe that some of it is the true word of God . There is so much in there that has put Man on a pedestal ,because back in those days Man was afraid of women knowledge and know how. I also believe a lot was left out about Atlantis and how Jesus explained that we too can see in to the future and we all have gifts of a physic abilities . There are scrolls that have been found and books that were discarded & not published in the bible.I also feel that much of what is said in there about women is just another mans opinion & crazy beliefs
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9 Jul 09
hi debbie, I too belive that Jesus, was a healer and has physic ablities and he has given us the gift to do that but you see it was men who wrote the bible so I don't think that was the true account what is written there, yes as men treat women like a secon class citzen so there is not much written about women, as some men are dishonest and not publishing waht its really is then I don't believe most of the bible. Tamara