Which language is the most one that you want to learn in the following years?

July 9, 2009 9:58am CST
Hi, myloters. Which language is the most one that you want to learn? By learning English, I get chance to know more friends from different countries. But language barrier still exist in learning the world better. Most friends around me are intending to learn the second or the third language besides the mother tongue. They asked for suggestions from me. I myself is also wondering that need I to learn a new language? and which one?
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14 Jan 11
I already learned to speak English so now I would like to learn French or Spanish. French, for me is a very charming and romantic language and as for Spanish I would like to know more the language of the people who colonized us for more than 3oo years.
• United States
26 Sep 09
I think it depends a lot on where you are from. I'm from the US and here Spanish is the most popular second language to learn since we are bordered by a Spanish speaking country and many people in the US only speak Spanish. If you are trying to meet people from all over the world I would go with French or Chinese since they, and English, are international buisness languages. Those would be the most practical in my opinion. I have traveled all over the world and I have never had trouble finding someone who speaks English. I have always wanted to learn Arabic and Hindi since both are beautiful languages and are spoken in some of my favorite parts of the world.