Michael Scott

@anna728 (1499)
United States
July 9, 2009 10:17pm CST
Some people think he's annoying, some people think he's funny. What's your opinion on this Office character?
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• Hong Kong
9 Aug 09
I think that Michael was incredibly funny in the beginning of the show but sometimes I think that the writers are overdoing it. I get irritated at how much of an idiot he is. I think he is a well developed character but I think that sometimes the way he acts is unrealistic. I feel a bit, dissapointed that the show would cast a character that nobody would expect to encounter. But, then again, it is a fictional TV show. At least its not as bad as the British Office. Those episodes sucked.
@anna728 (1499)
• United States
24 Aug 09
That's true- he may be unrealistic sometimes but I think that other than that the show is pretty realistic.
• Netherlands
25 Jul 09
i love michael scott!! he's hilarious! he sure is ignorant and usually rude but that's what makes him funny and he has his moments when i can't help but feel sorry for him. he was purposely written to be annoying and steve carrell does an amazing job showing that. the office is so perfect because everyone at the office and the environment goes so well together. the writers are geniuses.
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@anna728 (1499)
• United States
30 Jul 09
Yeah a lot of the time it's Michael's cluelessness that makes it so funny. But yeah I also think the show is funny. Well done all around.
@KrauseHome (35526)
• United States
12 Jul 09
Believe it or not, I work with someone that could pass for "Dwight's" twin on The Office. He acts just about as dumb, etc. except for he does not have a girlfriend or one that would even want to be interested in him. But personally I think that Michael Scott plays an awesome job of "Dwight", and is a wonderful person. I have also seen other things that he has done so he is quite interesting for sure.
@anna728 (1499)
• United States
24 Aug 09
Oh boy, well I wouldn't want to work with Dwight OR Michael!
• United States
12 Jan 12
Everything I was about to say everyone pretty much nailed it on the head. Micheal is immature, incompetent, rude, sometimes self-centered, but at the same time he keeps his employees happy even though he gets on everyone's nerve. His crazy antics keeps my stomach hurting from laughing as well as he just says and do things before he thinks.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
5 Apr 11
Hi. anna728. I have seen him in this show a few times. I just never really took the time to watch it that is. I think that he is silly, he en tends to makes others laugh. I don't really know anything else that would define his character except for what I have just explained.
• United States
3 Apr 11
I think Michael is charming in his own awkward way. I love him on the show, I think he's hilarious. I can't imagine the show without him.
• Philippines
15 Jun 10
at first, i find michael scott to be really stupid and annoying..specially during the first season..i used to despised him because of the way he runs the office..he is really a terrible boss..but then eventually i learned to love his character..he really has a good heart but he has stupid ways of showing it..they may be wasting a lot of time in the office but he keeps his employees happy and annoyed but at the same time making the company profitable..
@jasque (52)
• Brazil
21 Feb 10
I think he's funny, but sometimes he goes way too far and becomes anoying =] It'd be great to have him as a boss, except that you would never expect when he would come with a crazy stuff.