some perfect paybacks

July 10, 2009 2:47am CST
hello again.just watching an old match between aussies and zimbabwe.good match so far.anyways seeing zimbabwe made me recall a very funny(atleast to me)incident in an india-zimbabwe match. here it goes. [b]heath streak to tendulkar.a full delivery on the leg stump.tendulkar missed it.the ball clips the lower pad ,rolls and hits the stump. same match.heath streak was batting and tendulkar was bowling his off spinners. streak was padding almost every specific delivery from tendulkar spun a lot .streak tried to pad away that ball but it was over spin ,the ball hits his thigh pad,rolls and hit the stumps and i was thinking A PERFECT ocourse the recent one could be the one between fernando and sachin where sachin hit fernando for a six and fernando got his revenge by hitting sachin way over long off. got any more perfect paybacks in the same match?[/b]
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