Experienced Stranger following you???

July 10, 2009 3:40am CST
Hi, I'm not sure how many of you have experienced it. I have once had this guy followed me from the train station back home! I quickly realized when he got on the the same bus as I did. I kept an eye on him, and when I rang the bell he quickly stood as well..very strange, and I was breaking with cold sweats!When I crossed the main road heading back home, I saw him following me in a distance! I've never met him at my neighbourhood at all. Instead of walking home straight, I walked and walked to my aunt's place. When he saw a grown up at the entrance, he stopped at the junction! Wow, that was soo scary as there was lots of cases of snatch theifs and rape cases. I felt so good to be home. I didn't go home because I'll be alone and I didn't want the stranger to know where I'm leaving! How about you? Do you have such experience to share??
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
Yes i did my friend,but he's not a total stranger to me.I met him from one of the seminars i had attended,we got chance of introducing each other but i never had chance of talking with him alone.It was a 5 days seminar and on the last day of our seminar,i saw him rode the same bus where i ride in.And get down at the same place.At first i thought we are heading same way home,till i noticed him walking fast towards me,and before i have known he is right besides me now and asking where i lived.Not to give him hint that i was nervous i gave him another address and told him i am just dropping to one of my friends house for some purpose,and thanks God,i saw one friend of mine and i snatched my friend and say bye to him,and i pulled my friend to the nearest food chain,where i told her what happened.I don't know why that guy follows me for i never had a chance of talking with him alone in our 5 days seminars,whatever his intentions,i am thankful God spared me from him.I never saw him again till this day.
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• India
11 Jul 09
Oh my, that was close.. Guess your Gurdian Angel whom sent your friend there! Thank you for sharing..
@savypat (20246)
• United States
10 Jul 09
This did happen to me once and it terrified me, but I did learn my lesson and have always been more attentive to those around me. A man followed me to my car in a parking lot, I never saw him until I had closed the door of my car and he was right beside it. Talk about scared, I was. I sure said a prayer to my angel for that one.
• India
11 Jul 09
Wow, that's scary! Thank God you're safe.. We all should always be more alert on our surroundings, never know what might get us! Thank for sharing..