Do you believe in god

@Tk5013 (311)
July 10, 2009 5:56am CST
I know most of the people pray to god for their good life believing god will help him. But there are some people who believes there is no god. Do you know why people believe in god and why not
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@coolsid2007 (1031)
• India
17 Jul 09
I definitely do not believe in anything like God nor do i believe in anything supernatural, People believe in God out of misery, out of fear of going to hell, out of greed of going to heaven, out of ignorance. People who rely more on themselves and trust their beliefs and know to control their emotions quiet well tend to not believe in God. Also people who want to control their own life and not others do not believe in God.
@kaguvkov (1041)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
People believe in god because they have their faith. People who don't believe in god have no faith in their religion. They don't believe god because they think God did not exist and that is their faith.
• United States
10 Jul 09
People believe or do not believe in God based on three principles!)What they have been taught, 2) What they have experienced, and 3) their own response when God draws them to him. Yes, I believe in God. I believe in the triune God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God created this world, put mankind in it and gave him the opportunity to choose. Adam decided to disobey God and make his own choises. So here we are in a mixed up world with people who have no idea what to believe in or believe in nothing at all. I believe in God because I have experienced his love and care. I also believe that God is very patient (though I don't know why) and His desire is that we return to His love and guidance so he continuously calls us to him. Someday this world will come to an end and I believe that there will be a place in heaven for me to dwell with God. It won't be boring because God created man to work and be productive, so I believe we will continue with a creative active life, even though I can't understand it now. One thing I've always wondered. Why do people go the such trouble to boast that they do not believe in God if they don't worry about His existence?
@benny128 (3622)
10 Jul 09
I will turn your questio back on yourself what or who is god ?? God is different for everybody I personal dont believe in god per say but I do think there is a lot of things that is unanswered in favour and againist the existance of a superior force God is different for everybody there isnt one god as all faiths religions etc etc worship different things druids worship nature, the greeks had gods for everything they did, christians and catholics worship slightly different gods, muslims their god is totally different to christian faiths etc etc need I go on, surely if there was one god then all faiths would worship the same, and there would only be one holy book there are numerous holy books and each one is different to other faiths and there are also differences in the holy books that exist in faiths for example the old testiment and the new testiment etc etc so a bit of a long winded reply but there is a lot of things we do not under stand in the world, but is that god I am not so sure.