The negatives/improvements of myLot?

July 10, 2009 8:20am CST
I feel that there are just too many interests/categories to choose from, here on myLot. There's only a handful of 'active' interests where users actively contribute to the discussions...well, what about the other hundred thousand interests? You'd have to wait weeks on end to get atleast 1 response. So why bother posting it? I'm not sure if users are intimidated by the, 'be as descriptive as possible' motto, and therefore don't post their short, but usefull comments. Take music for example: there's an interest for every single artist, instrument, band, sound, noise...blah blah - There's just too many sub categories. It is well organised, but where am I going to find time to visit all my interests daily and read something I like. It'd be nice if there was only 1 category called music...nothing else, and all discussions about instruments and bands etc. will be in there. In that way, I just have to click on music, look at the latest posts, and respond to a suitable discussion. On the other hand, I can post my discussion in one category, and have much more people to read it and respond to it. What do you guys think?
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• India
10 Jul 09
It is The Interests that really catches the eye ............ If it is started by a friend nothing like it ....... But a Good Discussion ........... Try Posting rather than starting it is easier ................ Happy lotting on MyLot .....
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
10 Jul 09
It is the users themselves that create the interests not myLot. If a user arrives here creates an interest then leaves nothing can be done about it. However there are definately more than only a handful that are active. When you have been here longer and have made more friends you will notice them too. Welcome and happy Lotting!