meeting strangers

@plb9201 (140)
United States
July 10, 2009 9:11am CST
hi i just wanted to respond to the the blog on meeting strangers i personalley say you have to be careful when you come in contact with them but its good to meet strangers and being able to use what god has given you. me personally i say hello to everyone. what happens most of the time you say hi to someone and they dont even say hi back why do people have to be rude and say nothing at all take the time to at least smile and say hello to them you never know what kind of day these people are having and your smile may be what cheers people up. have a happy day my frends
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• Canada
11 Jul 09
I think a smile is the cheapest most effective gift we can all give each other, as we pass by each day. It can simply mean, "Hey", "I acknowledge you", "You look nice", "Having a good day"... the smile is the most universally recognized facial expression and serves a great purpose! =) As for meeting strangers, you mean, from the internet, social networks etc? I think it is okay, if you are well guided and can trust your intuition. Not everyone is a bad person and it would be a shame to think so. However, in between the good people there are a lot of twisted ones. So it comes down to your judgement, but I wouldn't be so alarmed.. for the most part we are well tamed social creatures who have no intention or motives in hurting a stranger. So I say go for it!!, you may be surprised at the friends you make!