how functional is the public transportation in your city?

United States
July 10, 2009 9:54am CST
The public transportation in Bowie maryland sucks. There is no train , and the bus is slow and runs about every hour. Bowie is a rather wealthy suburb so most citizens drive. However the population is climbing ,comerce is growing, and people from the inner cities often need to comute for job opportunities. The public transportation should be forced to keep up the pace. I can't help but wonder if other cities face this problem?
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• Romania
10 Jul 09
well my friend,i'm not a US citizen, but i can still tell you what up with the public transportation in my city...and...well mainly nothing's up...because it's awefull,the busses are always full,sometimes you aren't even able to climb on the bus because there is no place standind either,we only have taxis,but then again,the bad traffic influences that,so if you are in a hurry,you are very likely not to get there on time...public transportation sucks everywere
• United States
11 Jul 09
Are you in Bowie too? lol
• United States
29 Jul 09
I moved to West Lafayette, Indiana for college last year and even though it's a college town, the transportation system is fabulous! There's one major bus company that runs all the buses in our town and the next town over. So basically, whether if it's for students only bus route to dorms or campus, or for West Lafayette citizens city bus, it's great! It's always on time and runs with a time schedule that works for students and workers. The best part is that if the bus do sometimes get crowded at one stop, don't worry, there's already another one right behind it to help! I love our bus system here, for students, it's also free to ride anywhere basically, it's a dollar for normal bus riders though. I can go from school to my dorm, or maybe go to mall to pick up something. It's free and convenient for me.