Technology....just one BIG data bank

United States
July 10, 2009 12:10pm CST
It started with the introduction of the internet, before Computers were only permitted for use in the government, everyone was happy--now they could keep up with distant relatives and everyone was happy, then it went to the 'skys the limit' Today, CNN so excitedly announced that now they are taking phone calls! Now if you do not have a computer, thats ok, just call in and give us your opinions WE'LL TELL YOU WHATEVER WE WANT YOU TO HEAR...ITS THAT EASY then we'll also infiltrate you with whatever we see fit Today, it was also announced that Social Security numbers have been "Figured Out" and now were in the work for new numbers?? [b] I wonder what that number will be.[/b] The Two Party system, just keep the ball rolling
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