Over the Counter or Herbal-What Do You Prefer?

United States
July 10, 2009 12:26pm CST
A lot of people now days are wondering if all the chemicals in pharmacuticals are really good for you or is there a more natural way to go. Well, all medicine was originally derived from plants and then began to be synthesized as pure chemicals and compounds. But a lot of people still agree that drinking a cup of medicinal tea for a cold is better than popping pills for it. I have to agree it is certainly cheaper and certainly milder than pills from the doctor, but safety and dosage are always issues. The real question is, if you had a choice between a pill perscription and an herbal treatment that both promised the same results in different ways, which would you pick and why?
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@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
11 Jul 09
frankly, the only herbal things i'd get are hair products. i've tried herbal medicines. any pain does go away but they seem to come back with a vengeance. i've also read something like this and it was true for me. i believe medicines now are manufactured (of course with some of them still using plants as one or two of their components) for instant and ultimate relief .