What will you do if someone break you're heart...?

July 10, 2009 1:07pm CST
What will you do if someone break you're heart...? *choose answer and give some explanation. a. Forgive and be kind to them. b. Kill them obviously..! c. Forgive them, and forget what they have done. d. Do nothing, hopely they get what they deserve e. Take a revenge. f. Forgive them, but never forget what they have done. g. Commit suicide. h. Keep blaming you're selves. i. Start a discussion and ask for fellow lotter what should you do. Happy mylotting...
4 responses
@ashia101 (203)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
I usually do nothing if that is forgivable. Just let time heal the wounds.
• Indonesia
10 Jul 09
What if it's hurt you so bad.., are u still willing to forgive..??
@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
i'll choose a. forgive them and forget what they have done.. co'z if u really love that person u will forgive him/her for what he/she did..
@nigarish (70)
• India
12 Jul 09
"hi dear...i believe in god and i feels that if any one did some thing wrong to other than the person will also face the same tendency therefore i will go with your D option......i want to give you my example fro the same i had a girlfren ...she made me heart broke for another guy.....after a few months only she called me and cried alot.....and ask for forgiveness.....i questioned her that why is she doing so.....she answered me that for the guy she left me he is getting married after a couple of months....they loved each other still....i have forgivenn her from my words but i did not do it from my heart and hope fully there is lots of miscery and pain is still left for her.....so friend don't make your image dirty by taking revenge or doing something that harm the person you love......but do these things in abit different way.....i know i may be wrong but this is my way of revenge.......god always helps their people....."
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
i am a forgiving person but for some reason, i tend not to forget all the pain that others gave me. uhmmm.... if the fault is not that so painful on my part, i'll forgive the person but when it causes me to cry every night, then that's a different story... it'll take years for me to forgive them if it happens. :)