Can you be my downline, if not, just click my link?

July 10, 2009 3:40pm CST
I am a member of trekpay and I know that most of you here are already members. I still have not reached the payout but I can see that the website is really working hard so that the members will be earning more than what others are earning in PTC websites. I can suggest that this website really will give you enough extra cash if you really give more time clicking all their advertisements. Just last week, I earned 300 points and I earned .64 cents. It means, I just click some advertisements and you do not really have to stay long in any advertisement. You just have to click then when the website showed all its contents, then you can immediately close. It means, you just have to spend like 2 minutes in the website to complete a daily task, which is clicking. Now, I can see how my mouse really helps me earn enough to pay my small bills. But since I have not yet received my reward in Trekpay, I just want to ask whether anyone of you here is interested just to click my link, even if you do not register but click the link, I think, I will also benefit from that to gain some points. I am not sure but it is worth a try. You can add me as friend, and I can send you the link in private message. Also, I would like to share that I am halfway here in mylot to receive my payment. I do not post much these past few days because I have been busy with other stuff here at home. I also do not have enough time last week because I have visited some friends which are out of my town. So basically, I do not have the time to click at my PTC sites plus make a discussion here in Mylot. And now that I have this chance again to work online, I just want to share how much I am happy to actually really earn even if small amount, yet, you can never have anything free. But anyways, if you want to be my downline, feel free to add me as friend and I will send you a message. have a niceday Jeff
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• United States
11 Jul 09
Wow you are almost getting your minimum to payout in mylot that is really impresing. If you do not mind me asking what are doing? I have been hear for two months or more and I have not jet got to a payout but I hope that this month I can get there. But also good luck in getting your referals. Happy mylotting
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
11 Jul 09
I have been paid by them once and this week I asked for the payout again. It isn't worthless, as you just have to keep at it. I only have 4 referrals and I think they are working for me. I find this site to be very good at getting the payout, and I will definitely stay with them. It is my best site next to mylot. Good luck getting referrals because most people already do trekpay, and you really shouldn't be starting a discussion asking for referrals, as it is against the terms of service. Hap mylotting.
• United States
10 Jul 09
Gosh Yuansplace (Jeff), I really wish I could help you, but I am one of the members who joined TP during the time that only a few people had joined. :-) I hope that you will be able to find those individuals whom can assist you in your earnings. :-) As a word of caution: I am not sure that having referrals will do you any good. :-/ Honestly, in my case, I have referrals and have been an active member for almost 5 weeks, but still I have not received my minimum payout in that site. :-( Though TP may be good for others, in my opinion, that site is worthless. :-(