Staying Fit for the summer!

United States
July 10, 2009 4:33pm CST
Many people who take time off for the summer tend to forget their about their bodies and just do whatever. Little do they know that they are really messing themselves up in the long run. Avoiding this is quiet simple. No equipment will be necessary just keep reading on and you will find out how you can enjoy yourself during your time off without ignoring your body. Tips for travel: 1) Walk to your destination If you are traveling outside of your hometown instead of getting a rental car and wasting money, walk around. Doing so will allow you to see more of the scenery and you will probably have fun doing so. 2) Rent a bike Rent a bike if walking is not practical for you especially if you need to get around large areas. Riding a bike still lets you see the scenery and if your in a city where there is lots of traffic chances are you will be making good time and you wont have to deal with all the frustration of being behind the wheel. 3) Avoid fast food: This is one mistake many people make, getting fast food. The only fast thing about it is your weight going up. Instead try going to local markets and pick up a few non fried or fattening foods. Get fruits, or easy to prepare items that require little to no cooking. 4) Hit the workout room or pool: Chances are the hotel you are staying at might have a pool or a small workout room. Take advantage of these and use them. If you are not a huge fan of lifting weights, using treadmills, etc, Go to the pool. Swimming is the next best cardiovascular exercise that will give you more benefits than running/jogging can do. Every muscle in your body must be used in order for you to swim. Tips At Home: 1) Avoid snacking when you are bored: Like I said snacking when you are bored will get you nowhere, the only fun you will get out of it is you getting made fun of by other people. Just dont do it! 2) Take breaks from the T.V and computer: Take short 15-30 minute breaks from these things and just walk outside and stretch your legs. Look around at the scenery as I'm sure your eyes are strained from looking in one spot all day 3) Take walks with neighbors, friends or family: This will benefit you and whomever goes with you. You will get your physical exercise, talking, and peace at mind by being with another person. You will be relaxed and this is a great way to reduce stress from the day. 4) Set Goals and restrictions for yourself: If there is no rules or structure in your life then you will not care about anything. By setting a few rules and restricting yourself from doing things frequently chances are you will stick to this and not slip. Such as setting a goal to tone up your body in a year is a reasonable goal and setting a few restrictions such as avoiding fast food and eating health organic food will help you reach this goal. Conclusion: By watching what you do and eat and setting a few restrictions will help you stay fit. Your actions will ultimately result in what you are. So by sitting in front of the T.V or computer all day will get your body nowhere and you will gain weight especially if you eat unhealthy. So follow a few of the things mentioned above and do what you think will benefit you. Doing this will keep you fit during the summer and probably year round. Hope you enjoyed reading this.
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@kircho (493)
• Bulgaria
10 Jul 09
Nice. Looks very interesting. You spend a lot of time to write everything this. I like it, because it is useful. Cheers. Keep writing.
• United States
11 Jul 09
Thank you! ;) Expect to see more like this very soon.