***Female Business Owners....how are they viewed?***

@jezabel (283)
November 12, 2006 8:43pm CST
what is the general attitude towards women in business?
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@isasice (2015)
• Iceland
14 Nov 06
Where I come from (Iceland) it doesn't make much difference weather a business is owned by a man or a woman. We do have a very strong "women entrepreneurs" organization that has worked very hard to make that possible. We also have more women in high positions in large companies than most other countries and we were the first independent country in the world to elect a woman as a president. One of the largest companies in Iceland, Alcoa aluminum plant, is run by a woman now and is doing much better than when the men before her were running it. Women are usually considered to be more rational and realistic in business decissions while men tend to make more risks. Companies owned by women in Iceland are less likely to fail than companies run by men.
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@achilles7 (1277)
• India
21 Nov 06
smart woman - women are more smart than men
They have very good approach and hey are better than men and have better aptitude for bussiness.Women are more smart than men in bussiness
@bhaveshk (93)
14 Nov 06
i say female business ownerss are wikedd!
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• Canada
14 Nov 06
I like it.
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@yourpress (308)
• United States
22 Nov 06
they can run a business just as well.