Relationship Advice

@abetole (221)
July 10, 2009 11:49pm CST
Have you ever tried to subscribe to a website giving advice on relationships? or have gone to see a counselor, who helps you out of your relationship problems, especially with your partner? Do you think, these solutions really help you sorting out your PERSONAL problems?
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@devmitra (274)
• India
12 Jul 09
heloo abetol!wen you are in a relationship and things are nt wrkin out or you want things to wrk out in a better way,you search for someone to listen to your problems.I personally feel that no website or such animated things can help you out as such.Yes,a counselor or a person who you can trust can soothe and get you relaxed during such times.Good friends are a great help.Even parents who understand you well and are with you will be great help..
@mendy811 (22)
• United States
11 Jul 09
Well the most important factor is that everybody needs help and everybody needs someone to listen to them. Doesnt matter who u seek just as long as they can be objective to you. Thats why alot of people go to a stranger cause they dont know them at all and can give a straight answer. But the truth is if you have someone that you can trust and will be honest with u and i mean really honest and not show any favortism then u can use them its all the same. Personally i have never had to use a counselor because i have some really great friends that will tell me like it is. Which is very cool. But yes you do need to talk to someone. Yes they do help u. Sometimes all you need is a sounding board and u will figure out the solution. But im here for u if you need someone to talk to.