Are you satisfy with your current job?

July 11, 2009 7:49am CST
Everyone needs a job for earning money for life. It's a good fate if we were born on a conglomerate family. But the fact is most of us are common citizen which wake up and working everyday. Actually those conglomerates also working everyday. Are you satisfy with your current job? If no, then what's your plan for making changes in your life? Finding another job is a hard thing nowadays. How do you maintain your current job so you can love your job? Happy mylotting.
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• China
1 Sep 09
at current i work as a clerk for the government. i don't get paid very well but i enjoy good benefits.that's y im not eager to change my job.the job is very easy for me and i have kept doing that for almost 20 years. it is i often go online to learn a new comer at it possible mylotting can be the cause of my rest life as i enjoy so much feetime?maybe time can tell.the only way to success is to keep trying.i will wait and see.thank you for your intesting question.happy mylotting,diamelydia.
• Indonesia
1 Sep 09
I can see that you are new in mylot. Welcome to mylot. I hope you can enjoy your stay here. Working at governmen sector has its own benefit eventhough you only got low salary. But it's better than unemployeed. Good luck for you and have a nice day. Happy mylotting.
• India
18 Aug 10
You are right, everybody has to earn from job or business. I am retired now, I taught in colleges for over 40 years, i was fully satisfied with my job, teaching is the best and one of the noble professions.. even now i am engaged in research.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
@icehut (508)
11 Jul 09
Can anyone ever be satisfied with their employment? You need to be interested in your work for satisfaction - though, the money reward is another factor to consider... I guess I'm lucky because I have almost a different problem to solve or a request to fulfill each day... the variety makes the job more interesting and fulfilling to know that you've solved a new problem... So, yes, I'm satisfied with my current job...
• Philippines
11 Jul 09
I am not satisfied with my current job.I am not even in love with it.nevertheless,I stick to it because I need is much better than earning nothing at all.