One of the best things to do in ...

July 11, 2009 8:29am CST
Hello All, ...recession is to cut down on expense and save and money. A great way is to save and create more wealth is to stop paying high interest rates to banks on home loans etc. The best way to get out and stay out of high interest rates of banks is by using some of the NBFC and private institutions which offer lower rates of 6.5-7.5%. I changed from my banks rippoff rate of 12.75% to 7.5% from private finance company using one of my contacts. I'll be saving over 16.4 lacs over the next 15 years by changing over to private finance company. I can now save and invest this amount to earn more or repay the loan 35% faster than before. why work to make the bank richer at your cost ?
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