Has Inspiration Come To you

July 11, 2009 10:14am CST
Has THere Been Any Role Model For you To follow in leading your life .... Why do you want to follow that Person ..... What do you like in him ...... Answer . My Personal Favourite and Hero is Subhash CHandra Bose ........ He is One Man OF Character, Patriotism Ran In his Blood . He Didnt Get the Recognition he Deserved as He was Killed Before India Got Independence . Agility , Patriotism , Nationalism were His Trade Marks. I Salute this Great Martyr , Who I Pay My Humblest Tribute on MyLot. He is My True Hero. Hats Off To this Fearless Iron Minded Gentle Soldier. Whos Yours ... Get Back to me ........ Lotting is Indeed Fun On MyLot .......
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