How to develop good memory?

July 11, 2009 10:48am CST
How to develop good memory? Some things we rarely recalls got forgotten and we need to think a lot to recall.Any tips to bring to mind very fast?
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• United Kingdom
11 Jul 09
I know that there are a lot of memory techniques out there but all I can suggest to you is, read, read and read some more!! I love reading and by constanly doing this activity you are constantly improving your mind whether you know it or not. Reading is good for the brain as well as study, I don't know whether you like to study or not but I do and I find that constant reading, mainly reading for pleasure helps me to focus more on my studies and I find it that much easier to concentrate. There is lots of research you can do online about this but I'm sure that I have read somewhere about a lot of reading can do your mind the world of good. Good luck. Andrew
• India
13 Jul 09
mmm.. But I often forget some difficult names and technical terms.I get long time to recollect them when I want to talk some thing about that... I read a lot.But not remembering the terminologies and some names of places.... I does not mean I totally forget those names.It takes long time to recollect and speak out them..