How would you feel if you lose a leg?

@eileenleyva (10984)
July 11, 2009 4:28pm CST
My mommy just called from California. Daddy's left leg had been amputated a few hours ago. Daddy is coming right out of surgery and mommy took the time to call and tell me. I feel so sad. Daddy had been such a man with great willpower. The old age had caught up with him and diabetes had hastened his chronic kidney ailment to an acute condition. Now he has lost a leg. That had been the leg that sustained a bullet for one and a half years back in WW2. Daddy had been one person who live with the facts of life - poverty amongst the fisherfolks, the guerilla existence during the war, the bare thread clothing in college and law school - and he turned his world to a better one especially for us, his children. I am praying that he would be as brave without that leg anymore.
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@mrakobesie (1246)
• United States
11 Jul 09
i'd take it as a new challenge and a new way to prove the world that nothing can stop me from living my life. i'd get a prostheses and keep living my life. honestly, there is a woman who lives in my town, she lost her left leg, but she keeps running every day. i love seeing that loosing a leg didn't stop her. i think it inspires a lot of people.
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@eileenleyva (10984)
• Philippines
18 Jul 09
That's a whole wonderful way of looking at something distressing. I am diabetic though, like my dad. I am afraid of losing my legs. Do pray I don't. But my dad had accepted it, according to my mom.