Smoking is seriously over-rated

@arkansos (546)
July 11, 2009 11:54pm CST
I had this friend of mine who said she wouldn't talk to me until I stopped it. Its an overkill. I told her I had, after two weeks just for the effect and for the record I haven't/ It makes me think though isn't smoking seriously overrated. I mean most smokers prefer to do it alone. No-one would smoke in your face if you don't like it, and in open spaces, it disperses faster than one tiny wee-bit of it reaches your nose. Secondary smoke only hurts in a small, closed room and you are always free to walk out. I rarely smoke with friends who don't.. If I do its in open spaces. and if someone minds I stop. Plus its my health and I know what hurts. Television, newspapers well read them enough. We all know it could kill us, so we are fully informed. SO why all the hoop-la
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