special surprise you have done or received from someone

July 11, 2009 11:59pm CST
Have yo received a special surprise from someone, or have you done a special surprise for someone? :) I have experienced receiving a special surprise from someone. During my 18th birthday, my boyfriend picked me up from the house. Upon sitting o the passengers seat, he put a hanky around my head to cover my eyes, so that I wouldn't know where he would take me. The whole car ride, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Then after almost an hour, he opened the door for me, guided me on the steps I was walking on, then when he removed the hanky around m eyes, it was heaven: On their terrace at his house, there were candles all over the place, Christmas lights, and very romantic and slow music-- by Boyz2Men, Brian Mcknight, etc. The place was so nice :) The sweetest part was that what we had for dinner was my favorite dish, which his mom specially cooked for the dinner :) I was teary eyed and thanked him so much for the beautiful surprise I have ever received :) I want to hear your experiences. What have you done or received? :)
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