Thinking while driving

United States
July 12, 2009 2:02am CST
I was in my car earlier and I had the radio on and different songs came on and it got me thinking... What is the song that holds the most memories to you? Mine is actually one that I hardly ever listen to but I heard it earlier it is smooth by santana. My friend and I use to sing it in his car a lot and he sounded pretty close to the singer on it. He is no longer with me he passed away last year but I remember being in the car with him and him singing it loud and us lauging. I am sure that there are many more but that is the main one that I can think of... How about the rest of you?
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@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
12 Jul 09
Friends - Remembering friends
Hi there!There are a lot of songs that reminds me of memories, people, places, and events that left a mark in my life. To name a few:1. Please Don't Ask me and songs of the band called Side A: It reminds me of the time when I stayed in my uncles house where I met my best friend who is now my husband. 2. Black Eyed Peas Song and My Boo by Alicia Keys and Usher reminds me of the nights that we spent in an outdoor bar watching my back then favorite band, "Seven Days". 3. Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill, reminds me of my friends from my first year of high school. Those are just a few and I have lots more. Just take care when you remember while you're driving. I get into really deep thoughts sometime that I fail to notice what my professor is talking about.