my mother

@bingchen (1126)
July 12, 2009 2:36am CST
what did you feel with your mother? i have few talked about my mother with my friends,in my friends expression,she speaks a little,so my friends did not have aquintance for her.including me i don't understand her,nobody can imagine what she have done for us.her behaviour change our family life and fate,so let my family feel so bad and sad.i don't remember how many times i cried and hatred for her.hatred her why she have done for us so crul,hurt my heart i decided that i leave my family and lived outside.the time past quickly,i only come home once every year,my mother looks older and not strong with her health.she change so much,i can see from her eyes she feel so alone and miss my little sister and me,wish us come home to see her.i know the time change all of thing,the thing is not changed only relation with her,forgiving her,because she have forster us growing and devoted the rest of her life to my family,the time let me forget hatred to her and look past thing fade,you is my only mother,i close the door of memony,hope my falimy can live quitely the rest of my life.
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