Will my husband ever change? Is he addicted to adult entertainment?

July 12, 2009 6:54am CST
Have just returned from what was supposed to be a wonderful honeymoon, however, it drastically turned into a holiday from Hell!Background - met 3 years ago and soon it became obvious he had in his home adult material which he admitted was used for obvious reasons. I explained my stance on this (obviously I was not pro this kind of stuff) and he understood this and claimed that he would never revert to this whilst in a relationship. Time passed and the material was thrown out, he says I am the ultimate love of my life and would never wish to hurt me. When ever watching TV, if there was something which I was not comfortable with, it would always be turned off without question. We have enjoyed fabulous time together, many holidays etc etc and eventually married. We jetted off on honeymoon and soon found ourselves on our sunbeds, reading our respective books. I had never looked at any of his books, but when I discovered the content of the book he was reading, I was horrified. , 600 pages long! He had got to about oage 450 and had lay by my side for 5 whole days, engulfed in that world. As I type this, I am shaking as it has affected me so badly. His defence was initially..... he didn't know the book was about that.....then, he said, he ALWAYS reads a book cover to cover- has to finish what he starts......then....He didn't think I would find out...... to finally admitting it was wrong and he is deverstated that he has done this to me. Naturally my friends are very supportive of me but I just need to hear other views which will help me make sence of this dreadful situation. I am by no ways a prude, but just not into that sort of thing and would not want a relationship with somebody who is! Could I ever trust this man again?
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