God is really present???????????????

@nk2009 (105)
July 13, 2009 6:51am CST
Many a times ,,this question comes to our mind whether god is really present or not.. In times of trouble,we think of God to help us and get us out of trouble. DO U THINK GOD IS PRESENT
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@geniustiger (1698)
• Philippines
13 Jul 09
Yes for me God is in our trouble and He dont get away from it. He is there trying out our faith where it is ending. He used to test us how our patience carried up and our beliefs to him. He only give problems that He knows we can handle it. Sometimes man forget God especially when he cannot suffer hardships in life then he can remember God if he cannot bear it with his own. In all things we do , we will submit it to him so that He will bless it with guidance and care.
• India
13 Jul 09
The way it sounds is like ... a hypocrite king... who wants people to follow them, Its like i bring a pet dog, feed it for couple of days and then i let it be hungry unless it prays to me or begs me for a piece of bread...