Why do you smoke?

July 13, 2009 7:43am CST
I always brag about that my house is 'smoke-free' when it comes to cigarette smoking. You cannot find a single ashtray in our house since all of us do not practice smoking. But although we are not smoking cigarettes inside our house, we are not spared by the smoking fumes from people outside our house and evidently we are also victims of secondary smoking. Why does people smoke? What benefits do they get from smoking when all health advisory details to health hazards? I wonder why people smoke? Do you smoke?
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
13 Jul 09
I don't smoke. I never have. I never got why people did it either. It is such a disgusting habit. Not to mention all the health risks involved. Plus you also are risking the health of people around you. I don't get why they do it but then complain about how their stuff smells like smoke. My sister is going through that now. She just moved in with us and none of us smoke. When moving her stuff she realized how bad her stuff all smelled. And a lot of her stuff was yellowed from being in her house and covered with smoke all the time.
• Philippines
13 Jul 09
That's actually a sad consequence for us non-smokers for having smokers around us. How I wish there is an invisible blanket that I could wear to avoid the smoke they bring to us. How could they like and get addicted to something thats been bringing nothing but pollution and sickness to everyone. It's really sad. :-(