Who played Portal by Valve: does the robotic voice GLaDOS sounds creepy?

July 13, 2009 9:49am CST
Some months ago my boyfriend let me see Portal by Valve, a great videogame (that gives me headache at the end :D)! But I was really really scared by GLaDOS voice... You know, the AI who guides you during the game! I was scared even from the trailer WELCOME TO THE APERTURE SCIENCE ENRICHMENT CENTER O___O I had a bad dream about it XD and what about you?
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@dieded4 (19)
• Canada
4 Aug 09
Its supposed to be creepy. Thats why it has a dark undertone that you were supposed to feel throughout the whole game. Its dark comedy for a reason. Anyway, Portal 2 supposedly has less of a creepier voice since it is actually supposed to sound like a human, so you can feel safe knowing that portal 2 won't put shivers down your spine. At least not the voice part.
• Italy
4 Aug 09
Glad to know it :D I understand the game concept but i'm absolutely newby in games so it looked so much scary to me :D
• Japan
14 Jul 11
Well, I was initially a tiny bit afraid of GLaDOS, because it sounded a bit cold, you know, sorta recorded and reminding you that you're all alone. After that "scared" phase, I started to like GLaDOS amid the humor and how she was really starting to remind me of real human company, despite the Spartan-style environment. And in the boss battle, she sorta sounded more human, but more scarier than how she actually used to be in the beginning (now we have to deal with THAT voice in the sequel). Either voice initially sounded scary enough to almost cause a nightmare for me as well.
@mgt917 (4)
• United States
25 Oct 09
the voice isnt creepy but the first time i got shot my a turret i kinda jumped
@merlinsorca (1123)
• United States
2 Sep 09
The GLaDoS voice never bothered me much, but it did get a little creepy near the end of the game. When the voice becomes evil when you escape the fire thing. And when it distorts when you kill it... eugh... is creepy.