Do you think tuition is important for kids

@vingyan06 (2491)
July 13, 2009 12:16pm CST
Is tuition important for a kids to get distinction in their study? And if so, how important is it? and why is tuition so important? And if no, what is your other suggestions? In my country, all parents like to push their children to attend for tuition lessons and classes. They believe that the children could catch up better if there is a tuition teacher who help them up in their study. But Parents will never know how are the children react on this. Children have to go to school for a couple of hours. Once they get back from school, there are lots of school works to do. Op top of that, they need to go for tuition class. Imagine how they feel when they have to get their hands and brain with books for almost one whole day. Tell me what is your opinions?