Which team is likely to win this year's champions league?

United States
July 13, 2009 6:10pm CST
It's gonna be a tough season for every major club especially with all this mega-money transfers. My bet is with chelsea.
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19 Jul 09
Tricky question! These past few years has seen a complete dominance of the competition by English clubs, and three making it through to the semis almost seems inevitable, but not this year I imagine. Think about it, the Premier League this season is going to have one of its most interesting, tightly contested seasons, and for Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, I don't see that Europe is going to be a priority this year, which is a first for Liverpool! Though this of course might mean that Arsenal could surprise us all and have their year, as I think anyway that they are going to lose out on their top-four place to either Everton, Villa or City. This would leave us in the tricky position that UEFA found themselves in after the 2005 final, when Liverpool had missed out on qualification places in the League and yet were the holders of the trophy. And in response to all those suggesting Chelsea, I really don't think so. Their team had such promise last season and looked like the impossible team to beat at the beginning, but what happened to that? Plus they had their chance, and should have taken home their first European trophy in 2008. That proved, having been gifted passage through in the semis, that Chelsea don't have what it takes for European success. They had their chance. So this year I think its the chance of someone else to step up and challenge Barcelona. They'll be favourites I say, because the only clubs who can actually defeat them at the minute are English ones. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Inter v Barca in the final, or maybe even an all Spanish affair?...
@geo_raju (259)
• India
16 Jul 09
i hope barcelona would win this year's champions league
@Sangkala (238)
• Indonesia
15 Jul 09
Ac Milan playing in Champions league this season. so i put my bet to them.
@leejhan (74)
• China
15 Jul 09
arsenal or liverpool
@oneman (47)
• Malaysia
14 Jul 09
Not sure yet until the new season kick start. But I guest of course Real Madrid as what they spend for the new season all top player was there. Hopefully the other team will keep fighting and play a good football although without star player.
• India
14 Jul 09
Now its too early and also very tough to predict the winner of UEFA.This year we have got many major and minor changes in most of the clubs.So, we have to wait and see their game plan and co-ordination to predict the winner.On paper Real Madrid is the more likely to win the league but Manchester United have lived upto their expectations for most of the time.Defending champions Barcelona FC will provide an excellent resistance.Chelsea,Arsenal and Liverpool are also the favourites.For me Real Madrid is the most likely team to win the league,with the inclusion of Ronlado and Kaka I feel RM has got the well balanced side to defeat any team. Happy mylotting.....
@emmanola (482)
14 Jul 09
I feel it's too early for us to predict the club that is going to win the 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League. However, I want to quickly point out that it is not the big names or so-called big clubs that win tournaments, it is a well-organised and disciplined team! Normally, many will predict that one of the big clubs like: Barcelona and Real Madrid from Spain;Liverpool, Manchester United and maybe Chelsea from England, the two Milan giants: AC Milan and Inter Milan from Italy, and maybe Bayern Munich from Germany will end up as the eventual winner. One cannot be too sure which team will win. In fact we should brace up ourselves for shocks. In conclusion, my wish is that the team I support, Arsenal FC of England wins the tournament for the first time.
@gunagohan (3415)
• India
14 Jul 09
its gonna be a tough season i accept, but most of the young and top class players are now in Real Madrid..they have paid a huge amount to buy ronaldo and kaka.. so the chances are bright for the Real Madrid CF..iker cassilas will do his best to defend and Real will win this season's champions trophy.. happy mylotting..