Jesus Christ Superstar will be showing here in Switzerland next week

July 13, 2009 6:31pm CST
While I was with my mother in law for a visit because she cooked for dinner, my father in law showed me a paper about Jesus Christ Superstar to be shown here in Switzerland. He will be watching and he is looking for companion. His wife does not want to come with him so he invited me and I immediately said yes. His company is the major sponsor of the said stage play. I have not seen this play before. What I can remember is that, my malaysian friends talked much about this show and they even watched this show in US. Because of that, it gives me more willingness to really see the show. I am sure the show will be good. I have watched many stage play and I even act in some of local stage play in Malaysia but I have not seen any stage play that is really done internationally. This will be my first time and I am getting excited. What I do not know is, if this show will be in english or what. How I wish they will not talk in swiss german. If american people will do the show, for sure, english will be their language but I heard that they cast some swiss. Anyways, have you watched this show before? Can you give me some information about the show. I really want to search and google it later after making this discussion. But I actually want to hear from people who really watched the show live. At least I have some ideas. Keep posting. Happy Mylotting. Best Regards,Jeff
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