Frosties are more than good... They're Great!!!

@x_Jo_x (1042)
July 13, 2009 8:05pm CST
Does anyone remember that Frosties advert with a boy who was singing a reeeeeeeally annoying song? " They're gonna taste great They're gonna taste great I can hear the sound of frosties hitting me plate They're gonna tast great With Tony our mate Well Everybody knows Frosties taste great! Even ladies who wait! Or a pir- ate And your teenage brother who's out on a date If you live in Oz, mate Or the empire state Even ladies with personalised number plates Or a bloke in a crate, Well he knows they taste great! They're gonna taste great They're gonna taste great Theyre gonna taste grrreeeeeeaaaat Theyre gonna tast great!!! " End of annoying lyrics!! If you need further proof look it up on Youtube, its called " The Frosties advert", should be easy to find! It drove me crazy! I hated it but got the stupid annoying tune stuck in my head! Did anyone else find this annoying? Did anyone buy frosties because they had seen this advert!?
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