@Browni (16)
United States
July 13, 2009 8:52pm CST
I have became a section leader in my high school's marching band this year. Band Camp does not officially start until August and they monopolize all of our free time during school. But we have been having meetings and practice sessions all through our summer. Basically I want to know if you think leaders should be very dedicated to what they do during their one moment of free time or not.
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• United States
14 Jul 09
Yes I believe leaders need to be dedicated to what they do or else they wouldnt be called leaders since they set an example. So if your dedicated and your fellow band members see it then they will probably do the same. Another thing is that you have to motivate them and point out your weaknesses to improve them so you can be the best you can be. Just remember to not get too power hungry as people might just stop listening to you and will start to dislike you.
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@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
14 Jul 09
When I read this I got the feeling that you felt you are being used up, forced to devote all your time and energy to this Band Camp thing. Are you chosen to be a leader through your efforts or do you have to apply and earn the right to lead? It feels like you were forced into this role and dislike that fact. But to answer your question. Leaders should be not just Very Dedicated, but Seriously Committed to helping people they are leading to grow. What would you choose to do with your "one moment" of free time. I do hope you find the time to shower each day as well... A leader is someone who inspires and motivates, a good leader, creates leaders. Cheers.