Why some guys turn to love money instead of boys or girls

@moon1688 (144)
July 13, 2009 9:59pm CST
Now a days,there are many people who don't show their true love to main, in stead they turn to love people who are rich. It's a nature thing,people are animals too,we often see the infest animals, the leaders have all the females to be their wifes. There are a bit similarity, so when people find hard to live on their own foot ,they turn to depend on others. Love is a great reason for depending. But if they can live well with our hands, I think they will turn to true love.For true love is a enjoyment of life,if people can live well independently,they will be eager to do so. So I think more and more people will chose their lover from heart in the future.
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@lihong (9)
• China
25 Jul 09
yeah,mabe you are right.We must get independent first and then we can make our own desicion
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@nigarish (70)
• India
14 Jul 09
a very right conservative discussion my friend....yes most of the time people specially chose money than to find true love for them which actually don't help them out when they grow older.....its awful that one don't chose life enjoyment forever.....people who chose money instead of true love are greatest foolish for me.....you are very right...so my friend i and many of us will be choosing love than to chose money......
• China
14 Jul 09
I am there is still something draw lots of guys' concentration on money. They think money is the first. When holding much money, more easy to find true love. I do not like to talk about whether it is right or wrong. Money still works a lot in lots of circumstances. The partents get older and older. Many diseases find them. Much money are needed to save their lives or prolong their life. That time the money nearly equals to their life. At that time, I think most of people have no time to think about whether eager for money is moeny worship is appropriate or not. Back to your question. I'd money really is a sort of basis for you to find the true love. But everything needs to be done to a proper extent. Everything needs balance. Hard choice sometimes.