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July 14, 2009 3:13am CST
Should students of school be allowed to use cell phones in schools?
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• India
1 Aug 09
According to me no, though I'm a student I think we should not take cell phone to the schools. Sometimes teachers get distracted while teaching.
@julbau18 (273)
• Philippines
19 Jul 09
Students may use cellphones but with a limitation ans rules. Of course don't use cellphone during lecture time and set it silent so that it may not disturb the class. It is okay for the students to use as by means of communication.
• United States
17 Jul 09
I had a cell phone in 5th grade. I was NOT addicted to it, i wasn't on it all day, i had it for EMERGENCIES. If i was at a friends' house or something that's how my parents would reach me. I took it to school as well, but i didn't take it out of my bag at school. That was strictly prohibited. I think cell phones for kids are fine, as long as they're monitored.
• China
15 Jul 09
I cannot say no arbitrarily for this issue. but I realy consider cell phones not necessary for most school students. Mostly, a phone card is enough for their emergencies. Meanwhile, using cell phones may leads bad results like losing, keeping up with Joneses, playing games at classroom... However, at the other hand, school cannot forbid this phenomenon for lacking of supporting laws. So they have to advice the students not use cell phones, and with time runs, teachers get used to bearing it.
• India
14 Jul 09
no, it should be prohibited
• India
14 Jul 09
I don't think students ( ME ) should be allowed to take cellphones to school..its really distracting and after all we come to school to study.. :]
@daliaj (5689)
• India
14 Jul 09
I don't agree with allowing cell phones in schools. School students are less than fifteen years old. They are not mature enough to handle cell phone without the help of their parents. I mean they might be tempted or forced by friends to use it for bad works. Also, cell phone disturbs the class.