Honey For Skin

United States
July 14, 2009 9:53am CST
Last week I started getting this redness on my skin, my arms, thighs, stomach, breast and face. My mum thinks it's poison ivy which I never had a reaction to before. My friend said it looks like eczema, I think it might also be allergic reaction to some food. I hate going to doctors, so I figured I'll try to treat it myself. I tried apple cider vinegar first, didn't help. my second try was honey. I put it on my arm last night and went to sleep. These 8 hours on honey treatment showed it's effect. Redness went down, swelling is gone and it doesn't itch any more. I love how fast it worked. Any one knows any other treatments for skin problems like that? I'd love to experiment on myself while I can lol
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@meyows (438)
• India
14 Jul 09
See honey is the best natural treatment for skin rashes, or for skin glow and skin beauty tips like increasing the beauty of your skin. None other than honey is good for skin. But be aware, it should be natural honey, means pure, from villages etc. Nowadays people sell in markets some impure honey that was added by some other chemicals, or oils that may spoil our skin.
• United States
14 Jul 09
I use raw honey with pollen, propolis, honey comb and live enzymes. this is the best quality honey i've found so far and the only kind i'd eat :)
@sushie93 (1359)
• France
21 Feb 10
In the past, i have little redness too but only on my face and honey did a good work on me now all have disappear but i don't know if it's because of honey or not because i have stopped using it... Bref, hum, there are milk, it's can whitening your skin so maybe your redness are going to disappear with that?