Home Economics in Troubled Times

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United States
July 14, 2009 10:40am CST
The economic meltdown dominates the news. It is a fact. It is a sobering reality. It has concrete reality and consequences. Our homes, our families, and our children are at risk. Jobs are in secure. Retirement investments vanish, and disappear like smoke in the wind. What seemed secure and stable a year ago is today vulnerable and unstable! Without question this brings stress into marriage relationships and parent-child relationships. What are our options when we become jobless or homeless? What are our options when we can no longer meet our obligations, pay our bills, or provide for our families?
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• Malaysia
14 Jul 09
What else to do in that kind of situation and the only thing remaining is hope. Like the story of four (4) candles, only hope can lights up back our spiritual life. Everybody knows that life must go on and living must take whatever least that we have. Unless, hapless drives our life which able to exacerbate the ground situation. What is hope? Hope is create opportunity from problem. Because every problem produces opportunity. What is opportunity in this kind of situation? Relinquish the least that still remained. At least, to labor our energy because have to.