Domestic violence....

July 14, 2009 11:40am CST
Yesterday a woman was stabbed by her husband who later reported the case and turned himself to the Police. An hour later she was dead. She was a mother of three young children. The news reported that they were going to be separated and yesterday the man stabbed her when she came down from the bus, coming back home from work. Police found her lying in the middle of the road with the knife still inside her!! I couldn't believe this when I read it. I thought that such cases in today's world should have ended but it seems there are a lot of unknown cases of domestic violence which are not reported for fear of the other person as if the Police go and talk to them he or she will be furious and act wildly. It's very saddening to hear such news, it seems there is no respect for other people.
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• Malaysia
14 Jul 09
hi dolphin domestic violence is a very difficult thing to be entangled into because of the woman themselves .. normally it is due to the woman ... i have come across many incidents when we get ourselves to help the woman as we know she is a victim, she will turn around and make us be the bad influence .. the reason is because they want to win the husbands attention over There was one incident where me and husband offered help to a victim woman and she in return complained to her husband that we are poisoning her mind ... in the end the guy wanted to start fight with us .. from then onwards ... we do not get involve .. cheers
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• Poland
14 Jul 09
oh my god!! sorry to hear that. but it's true, some of them are blinded or afraid. Cannot know what goes through their mind if not in their position. But that is not a good think to do when help is being offered. I agree that sometimes it is better not to get involved though I don;t know if I have the guts to leave someone suffering without trying to give some advice. Have a nice day!