Do you have the habit of listen to the radio?

@colydf (913)
July 14, 2009 12:00pm CST
I do not listen to radio very often previously, and recently, I find myself like to listen to the radio more and more, and it even becomes an indispensable part in my life. When I woke up, I like to turn on the radio, it helps me to get up quickly instead of sleeping for another ten minutes, and when I come back to my domitory, I turn on my radio and with the music in it, I tidy up my room or do some other things. I love to listen to the radio.
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@mobhomeir (7565)
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
Yes and that was before, not until I have my PC. But still I listen to radio but not often times anymore...
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
14 Jul 09
No I dont listen to the radio at all. I usally just listen to my ipod which has a lot of songs in it. I dont like listening to the radio because they usally dont name the song thats playing which I find very annoying. And I also have so much music on my ipod I havnt even listend to yet lol.
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• India
14 Jul 09
yes.. i do have habit to listen the songs in radio.. I have radio in my car.. so most of the times.. or almost all the times.. when ever i drive car.. radio of the car start.. and i do listen new new songs though radio.. And some times when i am on traveling.. then i do listen the radion from my mobile.. when ever i feel bores.. in train or bus.. But i house.. i never use radio.. i have laptop.. so i use to listen songs from laptop or mobile only.. happy myloting.
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